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It's Supernatural

by Christopher Roberts

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The supernatural power of God does not only relate to the healing of the sick, but it also relates to a demonstration of his power against anything that would stand against the kingdom of God. Jesus, therefore, did not just heal the sick when he walked the earth, he demonstrated his power against the demonic oppression that many people suffered under at the hands of unclean spirits.

Today; if we want to serve God, and if we also want to witness a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit as a part of that service, then we cannot keep running away from facing up to spiritual oppression; either in our own lives or in the lives of other people. Too many Christians appear to fear the devil and his demons more than they fear God; something which has always puzzled me.

However, if we continue to live under the oppression of the enemy, because we have not dealt with temptations in our lives, for example, then there is no wonder why some people still fear the power of the enemy. This book is not specifically about demons. It's about the availability of the supernatural power of God towards those who are prepared to draw closer to the Lord as the days grow darker; and as the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is probably not that far away either.

In order to walk in the supernatural power of God, we cannot be put off when we discuss the subject of demonic activity that is increasingly taking place across the earth today; something we will talk about from time-to-time in this book. Some Christians will not always be aware that the enemy is behind the difficult circumstances that they may be going through; and neither will they understand that the supernatural power of God can deal with some of the challenges they may be facing today.

Therefore, this book will consider precisely what we Christians can do when we come under attack from difficult circumstances; and what we can also do when we are energised by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This book will also consider how the judges of Israel, the prophets of God, Jesus, the disciples and the apostles ministered under God's anointing to face their own difficult circumstances; including the storms of life that they came up against, as well as the fact that they healed the sick and cast out devils too.

In other words, we shall consider and learn about the supernatural power of God in the lives of these Old and New Testament saints, as well as the pitfalls they fell into on their journey with God. It is therefore my prayer that you will read this book with an open mind, and not be afraid to consider the fact that we live, not just in a physical world, but we live in a spiritual world too.

Therefore, not everything in this world will seem as it appears; as you will discover from reading chapter one of this book, especially if you are a Christian. And if you have been battling to overcome the difficulties and temptations that befall every Christians, then this book is just for you. I also pray that God will grant you a revelation and open your eyes to all that he has for you, as you continue to read this book in Jesus name, amen!




















It's Supernatural Christopher Roberts

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It's Supernatural

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